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Puerto Vallarta will close season with 147 cruise arrivals

puerto vallarta cruise

Miguel Angel Garcia Beltran, Director General of Port Authority (API) in Puerto Vallarta, reported that this year will close with 147 cruise ship arrivals in the city.

He said it’s essential to care for the port, but the most important thing that continues to grow tourism in the area is that people feel safe traveling to Puerto Vallarta. The city has continued to remain safe thanks to coordination between city, state, and federal agencies.

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“Puerto Vallarta is identified as one of the safest cities in Mexico, this is something that is indispensable,” he said.

Puerto Vallarta is in an important rebound in the cruise industry, so attention to tourist services and security is fundamental. In 2013, Puerto Vallarta received 81 cruise ships, compared to this year’s 147. Each year the numbers increase, and this year will be an 85% increase over the last four years.

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