August 4, 2014

Parents Take Son to Court and Sue for Him to Get a Job!

Xu Qing, 29, has refused to work ever since leaving university, claiming that employment is too boring. He has now moved his girlfriend into the...
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Mexican Government is Dedicated to Building Latin America’s First High-Speed Train

The high-speed Mexico City-Queretaro train, which will cover the 210-kilometer (130-mile) route at a speed of 300 kph (186 mph), will be the first of...
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Mobile Apps Play Major Role in Tourism

In the twenty-first century technology plays an important role in society, so it stands to reason that local tourism can be impacted through mobile APP...
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USC to provide scholarships to students in Mexico

The University of Southern California on Tuesday announced an agreement with the Mexican Foundation for Education, Technology, and Science (FUNED) to provide joint scholarships to...
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