October 14, 2014

Puerto Vallarta’s Day of the Dead Celebrations

Read the information for Day of the Dead in Puerto Vallarta 2015 Pre-Hispanic religion, life, death, art, sorrow and humor come together in this celebration...
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sugar skulls

Make Dia de los Muertos Sugar Skulls in Puerto Vallarta

Smaller skulls are placed on the ofrenda on November 1st to represent the children who have deceased. On November 2nd they are replaced by larger,...
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Bank of Mexico Confident About Meeting Inflation Target

A one-time government increase in Mexican gasoline prices in January of next year could delay the expected slowdown in inflation, but the central bank says...
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Puerto Vallarta Expects to Exceed “Buen Fin” Goals This Year

At a press conference, the council president, Martin Ontiveros Puebla, said this is the fourth year that Puerto Vallarta will participate in the national promotion...
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New Details: International Fireworks Festival in Puerto Vallarta

This year the International Fireworks Festival in Puerto Vallarta will also host cultural events including renowned international artists such as Lila Downs, Alex Lora, Celso...
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Mexico Upbeat on U.S. Sugar Dispute

Speaking during a visit to Washington, Guajardo said he was optimistic of agreeing a negotiated settlement whereby Mexico would agree to limit exports at a...
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Harvard Student Takes Dying Mother to Mexico, Now Cannot Return to USA

Since this story was reported, immigration has approved the return of Guerrero to the United States. Read update here *** The chemotherapy stopped working last...
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Staying in Touch With Friends and Family While in Mexico

While living or traveling abroad everyone wants to enjoy the same level of connectivity and convenience provided by today’s technology, but choosing an affordable way...
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Ebola, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, and ISIS, What do They all Have in Common?

It seems like every couple of years Mexico is breeding some dangerous epidemic that will spread into the United States and threaten millions of people....
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Protesters Burn State Building in Southern Mexico

Hundreds of students and teachers smashed windows and set fires inside a state capital building in southern Mexico on Monday, as fury erupted over the...
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Mystery of the Marieta Islands

It’s sunset in the pre-Colombian wilds of Nayarit. The jays silence their song as night falls. The jaguars lurk nearby. Smoke rises above the canopy...
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What to do if you lose a passport in Mexico, from experience

In the summer of 2014, I traveled with a group of 7 people on a medical missions trip in Oaxaca, Mexico. One lady lost her...
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