May 13, 2015

Vitamin-B Could Reduce Risk of Skin Cancer, Research Shows

A simple daily vitamin may help prevent the most common types of skin cancer in people at high risk of the disease, according to new...
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Mexico Gripped by Custody Case and Mistaken Identity

Mexico City (AFP) - In a custody case gripping Mexico, a Texas woman had an emotional reunion with a girl believed to be her daughter...
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Frida Kahlo’s Garden Duplicated at New York Botanical Gardens

A garden oasis has sprung to life in New York City this week with a replica of Frida Kahlo’s Mexico City garden at her home...
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How DNA Sequencing is Transforming the Hunt for New Drugs

Drug manufacturers have begun amassing enormous troves of human DNA in hopes of significantly shortening the time it takes to identify new drug candidates, a...
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Be Aware of Red Flag Beach Warnings this Week

Officials in Mexico have issued warnings along the Pacific Coast for mar de fondo, a phenomenon that causes large ocean swells. These swells can pound...
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Puerto Vallarta Tourism Officials Meet with Cruise Lines

Yesterday, May 12, Mexican Government officials met with the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association in Miami, Florida to discuss future plans for cruises to Puerto Vallarta....
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