October 26, 2015

Protesters in Puerto Vallarta demand answers in missing attorney case

About 300 people from the villages of Yelapa, Quimixto, Chacala and Puerto Vallarta marched Sunday night to demand answers in the missing case of Miriam...
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Puerto Vallarta ArtWalk begins Wednesday, October 28

Puerto Vallarta has established itself as a vibrant center of art creation, exhibition and promotion. An important contribution to the city´s art scene is Puerto...
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New online streaming service for Broadway theatre

A new online streaming service launches on Monday that hopes to one day become the Netflix of Broadway, offering high-definition broadcasts of top theatrical events...
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University of Mississippi quietly removed state flag with Confederate battle emblem

The University of Mississippi quietly removed the state flag with its Confederate battle emblem from its place of honor on campus Monday morning after students...
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WHO says processed meats have same danger of cancer as smoking

It's official: Ham, hot dogs and other processed meats can lead to colon, stomach and other cancers - and red meat is probably cancer-causing, too....
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Afghanistan shook by 7.5 earthquake

A strong earthquake in northern Afghanistan shook buildings from Kabul to Delhi, cut power and communications in some areas and caused more than 150 deaths,...
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