December 7, 2015

Lorena Peril and Ray Jon: Quality Vegas style entertainment

Playful, charming, sweet and a little naughty could sum up the personalities of Puerto Vallarta's newest entertainment stars, Lorena Peril and her husband and sidekick,...
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Organizations issue joint guidelines for breast cancer survivors

Most breast cancer survivors require routine mammograms and physical exams to check for new tumors, but they don’t need additional imaging or lab tests unless...
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Mexico will ‘take care’ of peso

Mexico must be ready to "take care" of the battered peso as a U.S. rate hike looms, but U.S. Federal Reserve policy will not be...
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Satellite images put into question Mexico’s story of 43 missing students

A group of independent experts say satellite photographs show no signs of fire at a garbage dump in southern Mexico where a group of 43...
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New San Diego airport crosses Mexico border

The U.S.-Mexico border is one of the world's most fortified international divides. Starting Wednesday, it will also be one of the world's only boundaries with...
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Spencer Day in ‘A Rebel Without A Claus’

Back for his third season at The Palm Cabaret and Bar, this popular singer-songwriter is proving he’s as much a fan of Puerto Vallarta as...
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