April 18, 2016
passport card
A couple expecting to spend their vacation in Mexico had their trip brought to a halt when the airport in Puerto Vallarta wouldn’t accept a passport card. Kristine and Richard Scimeca had booked a flight leaving from O’Hare International Airport Saturday and arriving in Puerto Vallarta. “This was a company trip that I won, which...
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Playa Colomitos
For you who enjoy a good walk through the jungle and your adventurous spirit asks for new places to discover, just a short distance south from downtown Puerto Vallarta, Playa Colomitos is an excellent choice that will fascinate you. This is the first of the isolated beaches located in the southern part of the Banderas...
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obama immigration
President Barack Obama’s bid to save his plan to spare millions of immigrants in the country illegally from deportation and give them work permits ran into trouble on Monday at the U.S. Supreme Court in a case testing the limits of presidential power. The court, with four conservative justices and four liberals, seemed divided along...
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ecuador survivors
Rescuers in Ecuador pulled three people out alive after being trapped for more than 32 hours in the rubble of a shopping center that was flattened by this weekend’s powerful earthquake. Televised images of the dramatic pre-dawn rescue Monday in this port city gave Ecuadoreans hope that scores of people still unaccounted for may yet...
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Dinosaurs were in decline long before an asteroid strike polished them off about 66 million years ago, a study says. It’s the latest contribution to a long-running debate: Did the asteroid reverse the fortune of a thriving group of animals? Or were dinosaurs already struggling, and the disruptive effects of the asteroid pushed them over...
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puerto vallarta hurricane
The 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron “Hurricane Hunters” and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Hurricane Center partnered together for another year to promote hurricane preparedness through the Caribbean Hurricane Awareness Tour April 9-17. The purpose of this tour, also known as the CHAT, is to raise hurricane awareness across Latin America and the Caribbean, and...
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A group of 112 rescuers, men and women, departed Mexico on Monday to Ecuador to assist in rescue efforts after the earthquake that occurred in the South American country, the national coordinator of Civil Protection, Luis Felipe Puente reported. In the Twitter account @LUISFELIPE_P, the official of the Interior Ministry announced that by instructions of...
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Vicente Fernandez
After five decades of live shows, Mexican singer Vicente Fernandez played his last concert on Saturday in Mexico City’s massive Azteca stadium. The concert, which saw some 85,000 people in attendance, was broadcast in Mexico and the United States. “To die on stage is to take to the grave what you most love in this...
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Mexico’s Popocatepetl volcano has seen a dramatic overnight explosion that sent ash blowing over the major city of Puebla directly to the east, forcing closure of the city’s airport. Officials there are urging to people to wear masks or damp cloths over their mouth and nose to avoid inhaling the fine grit that has covered...
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