May 26, 2016
winnie pooh
Winnie-the-Pooh turns 90 this year and the much-loved children’s character returns for a new adventure in which he meets someone else celebrating the same significant birthday — Britain’s Queen Elizabeth. “Winnie-the-Pooh and the Royal Birthday” sees the popular bear from A.A. Milne’s children’s stories travel to London with friends Christopher Robin, Piglet and Eeyore, where...
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Roberta Jacobson
Roberta Jacobson arrived to assume her new role as the United States ambassador to Mexico on Thursday, coming at a time when immigration and Mexican trade have been heated themes in the U.S. presidential campaign. Considered among the U.S. diplomats most knowledgeable about the region, Jacobson said in briefs remarks in Spanish upon her arrival...
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firefly mexico
Each year, the municipalities of Nanacamilpa and Españita, in the state of Tlaxcala, takes place an extraordinary luminous shows produced by thousands of fireflies resembling sparklers. This event happens at inside of the dense oyamel woods. The luminescent natural phenomena occurs during the mating period of the insect providing thus an extraordinary natural ceremony. The...
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Agustin Carstens
Mexico’s peso is not seeing a new speculative attack despite its recent slump, Central Bank Governor Agustin Carstens said on Wednesday, prompting investors to cut back bets on an aggressive Mexican interest rate hike. A tumble in the peso in May has stoked expectations that Mexico could raise interest rates next month in a bid...
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