June 8, 2016
sistine mexico
Renaissance art lovers in Mexico won’t need to travel to Vatican City to see the glories of the Sistine Chapel. A private art project has created a temporary replica of the chapel in Mexico’s art deco Monument to the Revolution. People were lined up on Thursday to see the replica, which is open free to...
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hiv mexico
Mexico adopted the UN a political declaration in which, together with the international community, to end the HIV-AIDS threat to public health in the world by 2030. The declaration sets out a number of specific targets for 2020, in order to eradicate the AIDS epidemic in the framework of the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals...
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diabetes risks
Marriage has been linked to health benefits, especially happy marriage, but when it comes to developing or controlling type 2 diabetes, marriage quality seems to have opposite effects on men and women, according to a U.S. study. For women, a happier marriage meant lower risk of developing diabetes over a five-year period, but for men,...
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finding dory
For a brief moment, it looked like Pixar had finally made history by offering up the first gay character in a Disney animated film. The Internet erupted last month over a new trailer for “Finding Dory” that showed two women next to a baby stroller that’s attacked by an octopus. Some viewers wondered if they...
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global wellness day
Every year since 2012 the second Saturday in June has been dedicated to Global Wellness with the slogan “One day can change your whole life.” This year the celebration falls on June 11th and the Riviera Nayarit is more than ready for it. “We’d like to extend an invitation to locals and visitors alike to...
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Mexico’s ubiquitous Pemex gas stations now have competition along the country’s highways and city streets for the first time in nearly eight decades. Two companies have collectively opened three gas stations under their own brands, breaking one of the state-owned petroleum company’s last monopolies. Opening the retail sector to competition was part of energy reforms...
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saint of death
At the beginning of each month in the Mexico City neighborhood of Morelos dozens of followers of the country’s “Santa Muerte,” or “Saint Death,” cult bring offerings to a shrine featuring the grim reaper figure. People crawl on their knees and leave tequila, rum, beer, cigarettes, cash, flowers and candy at the shrine, which is...
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