April 28, 2018
gay soldiers WWII
Armies make men. Routine, order and discipline bring out the greatest masculine characteristics. Uniforms transform young males just beginning their lives from nobody to somebody. Sacrifice, courage and loyalty among fighting men build nations. Or so our histories tell us. The forces also foster other personal and collective identities at odds with public displays of...
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delete Facebook
Here we go again: another Facebook controversy, yet again violating our sense of privacy by letting others harvest our personal information. This flareup is a big one to be sure, leading some people to delete Facebook altogether, but the company and most of its over 2 billion users will reconcile. The vast majority will return...
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Social Gastronomy
Social Gastronomy is a human centered solution to generate opportunity, dignity and inclusion through vocational training and education that is growing in Latin America. Latin America’s economy has grown enormously over the past two decades. However, unemployment in the region still hovers at 8 percent, double that of the United States. Youth joblessness is even...
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diabetes in mexico
Twelve million people live with diabetes in Mexico and it is estimated that by 2045 the number will increase to 22 million, obesity and sedentary lifestyle are responsible in 90 percent of cases, a situation that will also be reflected in finances. The economic burden of type 2 diabetes in Mexico in 2013 was estimated...
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The idea of ​​celebrating the “Día del Niño” (Children’s Day) arose on November 20, 1959, when the UN General Assembly held a meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, in which it decided to reaffirm the rights of children universally. Although the world celebration is on November 20, each country has chosen a special day to celebrate and...
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emotional support animals
If you are flying to Puerto Vallarta with Alaska Airlines, be aware they have updated their company policy worldwide on emotional support animals following an increase in incidents involving them on planes and in airports, including some customers and employees suffering bites. Starting May 1, customers flying with psychiatric service animals must provide animal health...
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New ABBA songs
The Swedish pop icons will release their first new music in 35 years with two new ABBA songs set for broadcast in December, the quartet said on Friday. ABBA is one of the most commercially successful music groups in history with more than 375 million albums and singles sold. They released nine studio albums between...
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