September 2, 2018

Meet the six natural wonders of Mexico

Mexico has a list of sites considered World Heritage of UNESCO, 35 to be exact. They are divided between mixed, cultural and natural goods. In...
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Do you think of peaches when you think of Mexico? You should!

Mexico currently produces almost 164 thousand tons of peaches each year, which shows the high potential of the Mexican countryside and the people who work...
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Conference to empower LGBT+ Community in Mexico’s workplace

The Mexican Federation of Entrepreneurs (FME) LGBT + held the fourth international conference Empower LGBT + 2018, which brought together corporate, entrepreneur, organizations, government and...
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Know what to say when postpartum depression hits a loved one

Gwyneth Paltrow, Chrissy Teigen, Adele: The charge to destigmatize postpartum depression has never before had so many high-profile sufferers willing to share their stories. Add...
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Thief in Jalisco tries to steal hearse, with body inside

Police in Jalisco caught a man who made off with a hearse — complete with a corpse inside. The Tlaquepaque police department says on its...
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