September 15, 2018

Two municipalities in Guerrero cancel Independence Day celebrations due to violence

The municipalities of Atoyac and Petatlán, in the Mexican state of Guerrero, canceled the traditional "grito de independencia" ceremony due to violence that occurred leaving...
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Scientists from Mexico and Central America will evaluate maritime resources

Scientists from Mexico and Central America will assess potential fishery resources, their distribution, and biodiversity in the Caribbean and Pacific, the United Nations Food and...
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Mexicans celebrate El Grito in the heart of Toronto

The growing Mexican community in Toronto gathered at Nathan Phillips Square, the main plaza in this city, to commemorate the 208th anniversary of Mexico's Independence....
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Mexico's National Anthem

164 years ago today, Mexico’s National Anthem was sung for the first time

Since its independence, Mexico has had a variety of songs or "hymns", but none managed to endure and be a true song that represented the...
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OAS chief threatens military force against Venezuela

The head of the Organization of American States has joined President Donald Trump in holding out the threat of a military intervention in Venezuela to...
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Mexico City begins Independence Day with deadly mass-shooting

Mexicans heading into Independence Day celebrations have been jolted by a brazen shooting that left four dead and nine wounded in Garibaldi Plaza, a famous...
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Puerto Vallarta provides over 4,000 students with free eye glasses

The municipal government of Puerto Vallarta continues to donate supplies and equipment so that the children of the city have the necessary tools for a...
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