March 12, 2020

Cancellation of cruises and Tourist Tianguis will impact Puerto Vallarta

Without being able to quantify it yet, the postponement of the Tourist Tianguis in Mérida will have an impact on Puerto Vallarta and the state,...
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Mexico’s answer to the coronavirus: Don’t test

The Mexican Health Ministry has confirmed that less than 300 people have been tested for the coronavirus since February 8, when the first case was...
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The United States targets the Jalisco New Generation Cartel

Times have changed in the North American underworld. With El Chapo Guzmán out of the game and his old allies detained, hidden or diminished, the...
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Weather forecast: The weather today in Puerto Vallarta, March 12

During the morning in Puerto Vallarta, few clouds are expected. Partly cloudy conditions are expected in the afternoon. Temperatures will range between the 28c (82f)...
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