August 26, 2022

Due to inflation, 54% of Mexicans have cut monthly expenses

Inflation and security are the two main concerns of consumers in Mexico and even 54 percent of them already face difficulties in meeting monthly expenses,...
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People with similar faces share genetic similarities in DNA even if they are not related

Have you ever seen someone you thought you knew, only to find out that it was just someone who looked a lot alike? Many of...
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The phenomenon known as ‘La Niña’ will remain over the Pacific Ocean until February 2023

The phenomenon known as 'La Niña' will remain over the Pacific Ocean until February 2023, detailed a report by the National Meteorological Service (SMN) of...
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Cuba sends soldiers to Mexico instead of doctors for fear that specialists would defect to US

The specialist doctors that Cuba sent to Mexico are actually military, assured Javier Larrondo, president of Prisoners Defenders International, because the dictatorship of Miguel Díaz-Canel...
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Mexico has a plan to save 10 trapped miners and it will only take 6-11 months

MEXICO CITY, Aug 25 (Reuters) - Family members of 10 miners who have been trapped in a flooded coal mine in northern Mexico for three...
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Mexico is very attractive for foreigners looking to buy a vacation property

The high crime rates in Mexico seem to concern those of us who live in it more than those who live abroad but who see...
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