September 14, 2022

Ancient skeleton found in Mexico cave threatened by train

MEXICO CITY (AP) — A prehistoric human skeleton has been found in a cave system that was flooded at the end of the last ice...
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Crash course: The What, When, and Where of Mexico’s Independence Day celebrated this week

In Mexico, every September 16 the country stops, the bulk of the population rests, the streets empty, and Armed Forces aircraft fly over the skies...
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Tropical storm expected to bring heavy rains, winds, and high waves to Puerto Vallarta this weekend

A low-pressure area with a high probability of cyclonic development or a possible tropical storm will move parallel to the coasts of Michoacán, Colima, and...
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Be aware of vacation rental scams in Puerto Vallarta on Facebook

A group of friends originally from Zacatecas planned a dream vacation in Puerto Vallarta, through Facebook they found the publication of a house with a...
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