September 22, 2022

Government of Puerto Vallarta and SETAC propose joint work

The municipal government of Puerto Vallarta and the civil association SETAC, LGBTQ Community Center, agreed to follow up on a series of joint work proposals...
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Puerto Vallarta was one of the least affected municipalities in Jalisco by this week’s earthquakes

After the earthquakes registered on September 19 and 22, the Government of Jalisco held the first ordinary session of the State Civil Protection Committee, to...
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Tremophobia: what is the fear of earthquakes and how to control it?

Tremophobia is the name given to the fear of earthquakes and is characterized by presenting states of anxiety and persistent, excessive, and irrational fear of...
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Tropical storm ‘Newton’ forms in Manzanillo, Colima; heavy rains in Jalisco expected

On Wednesday, September 21, Tropical Depression Fifteen-E became Tropical Storm Newton, over the Pacific Ocean and will cause rains in some states of Mexico, reported...
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Another earthquake shakes Puerto Vallarta, second quake this week

An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.9 struck Coalcoman, Michoacán at 1:16 AM and was felt in Puerto Vallarta. The first reports indicate that the...
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