March 17, 2023

I asked an AI Chatbot about Puerto Vallarta, and this was the response

Puerto Vallarta (PVDN) - We have all heard of AI chatbots in recent headlines, but most of us probably don't really know what they are....
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Another confrontation between criminal groups in Jalisco leaves burned cars at toll booths

Puerto Vallarta (PVDN) - Early this Friday morning, a confrontation between alleged criminal groups was reported at the highway junctions between Teocaltiche and Nochistlán, on...
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Tulum reduces nightclub hours in attempt to deal with growing violence

Tulum, Quintana Roo (PVDN) - The Tulum City Council communicated through its official media the new hours that bars, clubs, and other commercial establishments in...
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Secretary of Transportation of Jalisco says review of Puerto Vallarta’s public transport is needed

Puerto Vallarta (PVDN) - The Secretary of Transportation of Jalisco, Diego Monraz Villaseñor, recognized that urban collective transport in Puerto Vallarta is not working as...
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FBI warns of the kidnapping of another American woman in Mexico

Puerto Vallarta (PVDN) - The FBI sent a new notice this Thursday for the kidnapping of an American woman in the State of Colima, in...
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Puerto Vallarta begins first English classes for tourist police

Puerto Vallarta (PVDN) - In order to have public servants increasingly prepared to provide timely attention to citizens and those who visit us, the municipal...
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