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43,000 marijuana plants go up in smoke in Jalisco

Jalisco’s Attorney General reported that it initiated an investigation against those who are responsible for the crime against health, after finding 43,200 marijuana plants and four dryers.

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He pointed out that elements of the Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC) informed the public prosecutor of the federation that they carried out various surveillance tours in the vicinity of the La Cruz, Congueran and La Marina properties, belonging to the municipality of San Martin Hidalgo, where they located the marijuana plants and dryers.

He indicated that in these properties the federal authorities burned 43,200 marijuana plants of one meter 60 centimeters in height within an approximate area of 7,200 square meters, including 700 plants that were in the dryers.

He specified that representative samples were collected and made available to the Public Ministry of the Federation, who continues with the integration of the corresponding investigation to resolve according to law.