152 Police in Puerto Vallarta Fail Control and Confidence Test

As the State of Jalisco reevaluates police forces in municipalities, 52 police in Puerto Vallarta join over a thousand state-wide who have been deemed as unfit for civil protection.

The evaluation is a test of “Control and Confidence” being required by the state for police in all state municipalities. In Puerto Vallarta, 152 police failed the test while 100 are given an opportunity to be reevaluated.

Jalisco State Governor, Aristotle Sandoval, has stated that police elements that are not trustworthy, or otherwise unfit for duty, should be dismissed.

In 2010, the State of Nuevo Leon began a similar program that reduced the state’s crime by 75 percent.

Gov. Rodrigo Medina rolled out the Alliance for Security program in 2010, when the state was being overwhelmed by a wave of drug-related violence, creating a unified security forces command via agreements with Nuevo Leon’s municipal governments.

Municipal police departments still exist, but they now operate in coordination with state and federal law enforcement agencies.


Please note our story is not accusing any police officer with corruption. Officially police were terminated because they were unable to meet the standards set for law enforcement, no official record indicates any sign of police corruption as being the reason for any officer being dismissed. Any statement of such is drawn from personal opinion, not from this report.

33 Responses
  1. In the US the corruption is built into the system. Here in PV a crooked cop demands 200 pesos ($15). In the US the cop (agent of the state, paid by the state) hands you a ticket for $200 dollars and you are annoyed but see it as legit. The state then pays the cops salary with the extorted fine. Is there any difference in the corruption?

  2. I know someone who says “The law in Mexico is a joke, and everyone has a price” so sad to here that. It’s my country, but it is really so corrupt and unfair that I would love to see a real change, from the top.

    1. You need to rephrase your comment. It’s not “take a bribe”, with the Transito it’s “demand a bribe”. When a motorcyclist ran into my stopped car a few weeks ago, the Transito cops threatened to handcuff me and throw me in jail if I didn’t cough up 10,000 pesos. The locals had had enough of those “over the top” demands and forced them to back it down to 1,000.

  3. I think it’s much bigger and deeper than that. (Much more than my knowlegde). What is the official salary for a police officer? What level of skill and education would work for that amount? I think that is a place to start no?

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