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Actress Kaitlin Doubleday takes holiday in Nuevo Vallarta

The Riviera Nayarit’s Celebrity Watch detected the presence of Kaitlin Doubleday in the Destination this past Christmas Eve and Day.

Kaitlin grew up surrounded by actors, actresses and producers, as her entire family has been involved in the movie, theater and television industries in one way or another. She currently plays Rhonda Lyon in the series Empire.


The blonde actress from Los Angeles has been seen in more than a dozen movies and shorts since 2002. She has also made multiple appearances in different TV series.

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Hotel Villa La Estancia’s Twitter feed published an image of the actress enjoying Mexico’s Pacific Treasure. This hotel has been one of the most visited by celebrities and A-listers all year long.

In the photo Kaitlin is relaxing in a hammock reading a book with Nuevo Vallarta’s beach in the background.


See the image here: