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Armed robbery of customers and employees in Puerto Vallarta business

A group of assailants entered a branch of AT&T on Thursday to rob customers and employees of their belongings.

According to the report, the criminals managed to seize no less than 40 cell phones during the robbery; three of these belonged to local employees.

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After the theft, the subjects fled aboard a vehicle with an unknown destination. However, one of the employees collaborated with the authorities to track them through the GPS device on their stolen phone.

When the subjects realized that they were being chased by officers, they got rid of the cell phones, concluding that it was the cause for them being tracked.

The chase continued to Bahia de Banderas, where police lost track of them. In the operation participated elements of the National Guard, Municipal Police of Puerto Vallarta and Bahia de Banderas, State Police and the Mexican Army were also involved since the subjects carried firearms.