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Boat sinks with almost 60 tourists in Puerto Vallarta

Friday morning, a tourist boat sank in Puerto Vallarta with almost 60 people on board, all rescued without any injury, reported the Jalisco State Civil Protection and Firefighters Unit (UEPCBJ).

At 11:43 am, the Kanuha catamaran picked up 55 passengers from Quimixto beach along with two crew members, with Juan Pablo Urrutia as captain.

About 400 meters offshore from the beach, the choppy sea caused waves to overflow the boat and flood the engine room, causing the boat to begin to sink.

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Puerto Vallarta had been under alert for high waves.

A group of boats that were in the surroundings came to the rescue of the crew and passengers, who boarded other boats and were taken ashore, the second master of the Harbor Master, Gustavo Gloria González, informed the UEPCBJ.

Upon arrival of UEPCBJ staff, all tourists were already safe and unharmed on the beach.