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Brides Magazine features Puerto Vallarta as a Vibrant Wedding Destination

Brides Magazine follows Stuart White and Lislie Yeung on their destination wedding to Puerto Vallarta and shares the story with their readers. The location was the first place the couple had vacationed together while dating. Their dream wedding took place on the beach at Garza Blanca Preserve, Resort & Spa.

The color red dictated the decorations. “It’s a key color in Chinese celebrations, and also Stuart’s favorite color,” Lislie explains, “and it helped give the wedding a classic Mexican feel.” Photographer Kate Headley was there to capture every breathtaking and vibrant detail.

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The dream wedding with the influences of a musician, Stuart, and a shoe designer, Lislie, was one that could only take place with Puerto Vallarta as the backdrop.

Brides is an American monthly magazine published by Condé Nast, who purchased the magazine in 1959. Brides magazine contains many topics that are of interest to brides and their bridal party. The magazine contains information on bridal party dresses, bouquets, wedding paperwork, engagement rings, color schemes, fitness, budgeting, shoes, cosmetics, hairstyles, fashion accessories and fashions.

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