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Changes to vehicular circulation in downtown Puerto Vallarta

Due to the improvement works carried out in Morelos street, and in order to cause the least possible inconvenience to citizens and visitors, the municipal government, through the subdivision of Municipal Highway, announced changes in vehicular traffic in the Central area of the city, from this Thursday 05 and until the 21 of October.

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During this period, Morelos will be partially closed to the passage of vehicles, from Jesús Langarica Street (Hidalgo Park) to Mina, and the traffic of Juarez Street will be enabled in two directions. Therefore, the Highway authorities call on motorists and drivers to take precautions and use alternate routes, not to travel through this area if not necessary, to avoid traffic jams and congestion.

They also request the understanding of the citizenship for the inconveniences that will be generated by these works that will improve the tourist and pedestrian image of the city center.

The works to be carried out in this area consist of the repair of potholes and speed bumps, as well as the rehabilitation of nine pedestrian crossings where the pavement will be replaced by stamped concrete, which guarantees greater durability, as well as the installation of the new lighting system and extension of sidewalks that have been carried out for some months.