Under the Palapa
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With deep sorrow we announce Chris’s death in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, due to complications of diverticulitis.

Christopher Dalton entertained readers for nearly two years before his death with his column ‘Under the Palapa’ originally authored for Vallarta Daily News and reprinted through other publications.

Beloved husband of Michelle; loving father of Blythe Dalton Klippsten (Saker), Mary Ludgate (Adam), James and Olivia. Delighted grandfather of Fynn, Oona and Adelaide. Son of the late Charles and Helen Dalton. Incomparable brother of Jane Avery, Ian Dalton, Faith Rockburne and Mary Dalton (deceased); and extraordinary uncle, cousin and friend.

Under the Palapa

under the palapa

Scenes from the beach

I love the beaches of Puerto Vallarta, although aficionados will tell you the eastern beaches of Mexico are the best: whiter sand and fewer rocks. However with a little due diligence I have found a spot here in the west that is perfect for me and conveniently coincides with Fendencio’s, my favourite beach restaurant. I...
under the palapa

Unlikely friends in Puerto Vallarta – Under the Palapa

Among the many things you find in Puerto Vallarta is that you are capable of making new friends who are way outside your normal realm. I mean by that friends who do not remotely resemble the old ones at home. For instance I have got into a habit of sitting with two fellows at the...

Puerto Vallarta Vacation rentals, it’s all in the fine print (or is it?)

The year is shooting along pleasantly as it always does for us here in the paradise of Puerto Vallarta, but not for everyone, it seems. Around our condo there are some upset renters whose time is not passing happily at all. Those are the ones who believed what the internet described as “their kingdom in...

Under the Palalpa – Uninvited house guest

I forgot to mention something about what happened when our furniture was being moved into our condo in December 2011. My friend Fred reminded me of the time people were having fun in our living room before we even got there. Our semi-finished place in the sun was trudging along in late 2011, with us...

Maneuvering sidewalks and banks in Puerto Vallarta

I was coming out of the Santander bank (a Spanish bank) just up from one of my favourite restaurants, El Barracuda, when I fell into the road and scraped my leg from knee to ankle. I was bleeding like a stuck pig and my heart sank that I was in a part of town that...

Puerto Vallarta: The Leys Supermarket Experience

When we first moved to Puerto Vallarta, I was afraid to go to the nearby supermarket, Leys, because, well, it appeared so Mexican. I much preferred to go to the corner stalls. While they were still Mexican, there was usually just one person in them so I would not be too embarrassed asking for something...

Chris wants to spend his time in Mexico learning something new

You never know what you are going to pick up as a new talent when you move to Mexico. Many of my friends, for instance, have become fluent in Spanish after immersing themselves in language classes for eight hours a day for months. I went to one class with Michelle and discovered there was little...

Chris and Michelle’s love for Mexico

Well, what a controversial column that was: “What do you do every day in Mexico?” I have never received so many e-mails on any other subject. I didn’t think it was such a big deal. Perhaps it is because we sound so happy in our new adventure. Several friends have come clean and told us...
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