Contacting PVDN

How to contact PVDN

How can I contact PVDN?

Depending on your purpose for contacting PVDN there will be a different method and who you should contact. This page will help you identify the proper person to help you get the answers you need quickly and efficiently.

How can I submit news to PVDN

PVDN accepts NON-COMMERCIAL news submissions at

I want to join your mailing list

You may subscribe to our news and receive our stories every morning by email: Subscriber Here

You will be required to verify your email address. You will not begin receiving our newsletter until you click the validation link we will email you to at the address you provide us on the Subscription Page.

I am interested in Advertising with PVDN

First, please read our advertising page before contacting us about advertising. We publish our stats, available advertising, and prices on our website:

You will find contact information for our Advertising people on our advertising page.

I want to add my Vacation Rental to your website

You can add your vacation rental to the PVDN Network, which includes 3 websites. You can start the process here

I have a real estate question

ALL real estate listed on PVDN has a link to contact the owner or listing agent directly. PVDN only publishes real estate listings and vacation rentals as a service to our readers. PVDN does not deal in real estate or vacation rentals and cannot assist in finding real estate or answering real estate questions. Please contact the agent of any property listed on PVDN or for general information, any real estate agent in Puerto Vallarta will be happy to assist you.


Facts and information about PVDN

Does PVDN use social media?

YES! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Or, subscribe to our newsfeed on Google.

How does PVDN obtain the content they publish?

PVDN publishes a mix of content, including original content, submitted stories from local individuals, and press releases from businesses. We also license the publishing rights of content written by professional hard-working journalists at the Associated Press and Reuters News. We translate, edit, and/or curate news stories from Spanish publications and media outlets in Mexico to serve important stories to our Engish-speaking readership.

Why do you have advertisements?

The short answer is that we offer content for free, but the content is not free for PVDN to produce and deliver. We pay licensing fees to Associated Press and Reuters, along with the expenses involved with managing a high-traffic website (paying for large amounts of web storage and bandwidth). We need to cover the costs of internet and technology used to publish news (computers), and managing PVDN is a full-time job, so a salary needs to be generated for living expenses. Some news sites have decided to require a monthly subscription, we have made the decision to keep PVDN free to users, therefore we need to monetize our site in other ways to continue its operation. Thank you for understanding!

How can I work for PVDN

PVDN is a very small operation, not a large company. We manage PVDN with two people, that’s all we need. Sorry, we don’t have any employees at PVDN. We have employees with our branding company, a separate company, but we are currently fully staffed at ¡Gotcha! Branding.

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