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Cruise season has officially started in Puerto Vallarta

The high season of cruise arrivals in Puerto Vallarta officially started, which will continue through May of next year.

With the arrival of the cruise ship Island Princess, coming from Los Angeles, California, with a capacity of more than 2,500 passengers spending about $90 USD per person in the city. As the season starts, there is a high expectation that this season will be record setting for tourism providers, merchants, and the population of Puerto Vallarta.

Port Administration, Carlos Gerard Guzman, said positive things are expected with the arrival of cruise ships, in addition providers of tourist services are already prepared to receive them.

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Gerard Guzman said that the year is expected to conclude with 144 cruise arrivals to Puerto Vallarta. This year, like the previous year, the season started early, because it usually starts in October and ends in May.

At the end of the high season, the city will only have one boat per week, Wednesdays.

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