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EduCan offers classes in Puerto Vallarta to help prevent dog abandonment

As part of the programs carried out by the Animal Welfare Coordination of the City Council, Educan is taught by Ángel Bernal, who in turn has been able to give advice on canine behavior and help connect dogs with owners.

According to the coordinator of the agency, Silvia Alvarez, Puerto Vallarta is one of the few destinations that carries out these activities. The classes are an effort of the municipal government and private initiative, which work together to teach dog owners how to understand, train and care for their pets through appropriate techniques. The goal is to show it is possible to have a companion animal and not resort to abandonment because of a lack of understanding your pet’s needs.

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Within the activity the theme of responsible ownership and the benefits of socialization with other pets and humans is highlighted, thus avoiding attacks and aggressions that could represent a more serious problem.

Another advantage of EduCan, is that it takes place every Saturday in the ‘Doggie Park’ of the Hotel Puerto de Luna, a completely safe and special place for the activities of the dogs.

The cost of classes is $40 pesos per person, which includes the advice and use of the facilities. It is recommended to take the puppies once they have their complete vaccinations.