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Jalisco moves to second place for dengue cases in Mexico

The number of registered dengue cases place Jalisco in second place with 390 confirmed cases in week 21, just below Veracruz, where 793 cases are reported, according to the Federal Health Secretariat (SSA) through the Special Dengue Epidemiological Surveillance System.

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This Wednesday, Melva Herrera Godina, a professor in the public health department of the University Center for Health Sciences (CUCS) indicated that the increase in cases due to the mosquito is expected to be 3.5 percent, compared to last year.

Until week 21 of 2019, 217 cases were registered in the state: 44% less than this year.

In addition, the report also indicated that in terms of incidence per 100,000 inhabitants, Jalisco is in number 9 with 4.66.