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There is a lot happening in the world of LGBTQ news, with ongoing debates and discussions around issues such as equal rights, representation, and discrimination. In many countries, LGBTQ individuals still face significant challenges and barriers to equality, whether in terms of legal protections, social acceptance, or access to healthcare. However, there are also many positive developments taking place, including the passage of new laws protecting LGBTQ individuals, increased representation in media and entertainment, and the growing visibility and acceptance of gender and sexual diversity across society. As the conversation around LGBTQ issues continues to evolve, it is important to stay informed and engaged with the latest news and developments.


Latest news published on PVDN about the LGBTQ Community

Puerto Vallarta committed to providing education to 600 LGBT students

Puerto Vallarta became the first municipality in the country to establish an inclusive education commitment,...
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Conference to empower LGBT+ Community in Mexico’s workplace

The Mexican Federation of Entrepreneurs (FME) LGBT + held the fourth international conference Empower LGBT...
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Puerto Vallarta police will receive LGBT sensitivity training

Police in Puerto Vallarta will receive awareness and sensitivity training on how to treat the...
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Puerto Vallarta, one of the 18 most inclusive international destinations

Puerta Vallarta is considered one of the 18 most inclusive destinations in the world, where...
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Puerto Vallarta Gay Men’s Chorus performs ‘Show Me Broadway’ for Pride Week

The Puerto Vallarta Gay Men’s Chorus (PVGMC) is proud to announce plans for its annual...
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gay soldiers WWII

How gay US soldiers found a place to express themselves in WWII

Armies make men. Routine, order and discipline bring out the greatest masculine characteristics. Uniforms transform...
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Global LGBT funding

Global LGBT funding up but worry as bulk goes to North America

Although global LGBT funding is growing, reaching about $250 million in 2016, three-quarters of the...
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puerto vallarta gay pride

Puerto Vallarta Gay Pride 2018 celebrates 100th Anniversary of the city

Puerto Vallarta Gay Pride will bring a new level of camp to the city’s celebration...
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Gay tourist shot in Puerto Vallarta while holding hands with Husband

A tourist was shot and injured early Saturday while walking through Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, in...
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Puerto Vallarta Gay Men’s Chorus presents Christmas Potpourri

The Puerto Vallarta Gay Men's Chorus (PVGMC), directed by Alfonso Lopez, presents its annual holiday...
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LGBTQ Celebrating Diversity

The LGBTQ Community in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, located on Mexico’s Pacific coast, is widely known as a vibrant and welcoming destination for LGBTQ travelers. Over the past few decades, the city has developed a thriving LGBTQ community, with a range of events, organizations, and businesses catering to this demographic.

One of the key factors contributing to Puerto Vallarta’s popularity among LGBTQ travelers is its longstanding reputation as an inclusive and welcoming city. The city has a rich history of LGBTQ activism and community building, with local organizations and businesses working together to create a safe and supportive environment for LGBTQ individuals and visitors.

Some of the most popular LGBTQ events in Puerto Vallarta include the annual Pride parade, which takes place each May and draws thousands of visitors from around the world, as well as the Diversity Day festival, which celebrates the diversity of the LGBTQ community through music, dance, and other performances.

In addition to these large-scale events, there are also many LGBTQ-friendly businesses and organizations throughout Puerto Vallarta. This includes a variety of bars, restaurants, and clubs that cater specifically to LGBTQ individuals and their allies, as well as organizations such as the Puerto Vallarta Gay Men’s Chorus and the local chapter of the Human Rights Campaign.

Beyond these more visible aspects of the LGBTQ community in Puerto Vallarta, there are also many smaller but equally important initiatives taking place. For example, local organizations provide support and resources for LGBTQ youth, while community members work to raise awareness about issues such as HIV/AIDS and discrimination against transgender individuals.

Of course, like any community, the LGBTQ community in Puerto Vallarta is not without its challenges. Discrimination and harassment still occur, both within the city and in other parts of Mexico. However, the community’s strong spirit of activism and solidarity has helped to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where LGBTQ individuals and their allies can feel safe and supported.

Overall, Puerto Vallarta’s thriving LGBTQ community is a testament to the power of community building and activism. Through a combination of advocacy, celebration, and support, the city has created a space where LGBTQ individuals can thrive and be themselves, both within the community and in the wider world.