Does your dog get jealous when you pet other animals?

Dogs are devoted companions who offer unwavering loyalty to their humans, and even new research exposed the full extent of their green-eyed inner monster. Anecdotal...
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57% of Mexicans plan to travel in 2021; Airbnb survey

Airbnb, the online vacation rental platform, reported that 57% of Mexicans plan to travel in 2021, compared to the remaining 43% who are not sure...
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Who was ‘Reina Roja’ and how did her discovery change Mexican history?

On April 11, 1994, the remains of an ancient Mayan ritual and three hidden chambers were discovered in the heart of the Temple of Palenque,...
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Your Guide to Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is probably the holiday most often celebrated that no one understands. What’s it all about? How is it celebrated? What does it...
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Businesses prepare for the imminent legalization of marijuana in Mexico this month

The Mexican industry is preparing for the imminent legalization this month of all uses of marijuana in the Senate, which has until April 30 to...
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What you need to know about the coronavirus right now

Brazil deaths on track to pass worst of U.S. wave Brazil’s brutal surge in COVID-19 deaths will soon surpass the worst of a record January...
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How does the time change affect your health?

The time change we experience in the Spring and Fall involves more than a change to our watches, as an expert in cellular physiology discovered...
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‘Lady Tacos de canasta’ is seeking election to Mexico’s Congress

Lady Tacos de Canasta, of Muxe origin from Oaxaca, will participate in the elections in Mexico City, which will be held on June 6, in...
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Facebook hack exposes the personal data of 533 million users

The phone numbers and personal details of more than 500 million Facebook users have been posted online by one user on a low-level hacking forum....
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ElecTrike Business Opportunity in Puerto Vallarta

Are you ready to be a business owner in Puerto Vallarta and live the lifestyle that you have dreamed of for so long? ElecTrike bikes...
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‘Pain into beauty’: Argentine sculptor turns pandemic waste into art

Marcelo Toledo usually creates sculptures and jewelry out of metal. Now the Argentine artist is working with a new material: waste masks and syringes from...
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Meet the 69-year-old woman known as the ‘Serial Stowaway’; she traveled around the world by sneaking onto planes

Judging by her appearance, Marilyn Hartman is a good-natured lady and incapable of doing anything wrong. However, the 69-year-old woman was nothing but trouble in...
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