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Roasted Squid, by Way of Mexico
All I know is I went to the fishmonger, who had some beautiful small squid, and suddenly an urge came over me: I had to take them home and give them a Mexican twist. It was a little funny to head in a south-of-the-border culinary direction, because, for some reason, I didn’t usually associate squid...
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‘Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat’ Recap: Samin Heads to Mexico for a Study in Citrus
In the third episode of Samin Nosrat ’s new Netflix series Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat , the chef and author heads down to the Yucatán region of Mexico to learn about how to harness the power of acid. Early in the episode, Nosrat notes that acid “does the absolutely necessary job of balancing flavors, which...
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In Mexico City, a Restaurant Draws Locally and From 10,000 Miles Away
Despite being almost 10,000 miles apart, Mexico and India have surprising similarities when it comes to food. The chefs Norma Listman and Saqib Keval discovered exactly that one night in Mexico City, when they created a menu for a friend’s dinner party. The result is what may be the capital’s most inventive new restaurant, Masala...
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The main franchisee of McDonald’s in the world, Arcos Dorados announced on Thursday that it will stop giving plastic straws in its more than 2,000 restaurants located in Mexico and throughout Latin American countries where they operate. The decision is an initiative in favor of the conservation of the environment. However, straws can be provided...
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How to Eat Well as a Vegan in Mexico
Vegan tacos? In Mexico?? Seriously?? Absolutely! And those can be found on virtually any block. You just need to know what to look for. The last time my husband, Alejandro, and I traveled to Mexico as vegans, it was a short trip and we spent most of our time with family and friends. That was...
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In Full Bloom: Mexico City’s Edible Flower Scene
For Josué Barona, the Mercado San Juan has always been part of his life: his mother and father both have stalls there, just around the corner from each other, and he has been working among the bustling food stands from a young age. While the stand that the now 35-year-old works at doesn’t really have...
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reed straws
Reed straws have become an alternative to the traditional plastic because, in addition to having a short lifespan, they do not harm the environment. In Oaxaca, particularly in the San Juan Guelavia community, local artisans have focused on the production of reed straws, made from a plant and being biodegradable. In an interview, artisan Felipe...
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dia de los muertos
As I remember since I was a child back in Northern Mexico, Día de Muertos, has always been a day of celebration. In each home, relatives came from far away to spend one night and one day honoring their “difuntos” (dead loved ones). Everywhere I turned, I remember seeing people carrying flowers, candles and food,...
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taco history
Typically Mexican to prepare and present a large number of dishes, the taco is a benchmark of Mexican cuisine, said renowned chef Alfonso “Poncho” Cadena. The chef, who on October 4 will premiere his program “Los maestros del taco” on the El Gourmet pay channel, made it clear that the taco is the base that...
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With just over 30 days until the Tianguis officially reopens for its 5th Season, the Tianguis office is starting to get a little crazy! On Saturday, November 3rd, The Tianguis Lo de Marcos will open its doors and you are invited for opening day. Season #5 will include live music each week and for the...
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Valle De Guadalupe Is The Napa Valley Of Mexico
In the last few years, California’s up-and-coming wine regions have been steadily moving further and further south. First it was Santa Barbara and the Santa Ynez Valley. Then came the wineries of Malibu, and Temecula, near San Diego. Now, California’s must-visit wine region isn’t in California at all: it’s in Baja California, 90 minutes below...
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From Mexico to a Michelin Star
Damiana Bravo, 80, was one of the first people from her town to arrive in New York. She arrived from Piaxtla, a town of around 1,000—5,000, if you include its surrounding hamlets—in the Mexican state of Puebla, sometime in the 1970s. She doesn’t remember the year. It was her second attempt to start a new...
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