What’s driving the huge blooms of brown seaweed piling up on Caribbean beaches

Here’s a handy geography question for your next trivia match: What is the world’s only sea that doesn’t have a land border? The answer is...
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Survivor of conversion therapy in Mexico shares his horror story and his escape

Iván Tagle was only 15 years old when he was kidnapped and forced to admit, by cruel, inhuman, and degrading torture, that he was “sick”....
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Jalisco produces 58% of all sweets and chocolates in Mexico

Jalisco is home to 14% of the companies dedicated to the production of sweets and chocolates, which generate 58% of the national production and employ...
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Mexico: The delight of its traditional desserts

The beauty of Mexico is not only recognized for its magical corners, for its beautiful biodiversity, or its spectacular landscapes, it is also recognized for...
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Puerto Vallarta, one of the best places to eat tacos in Mexico (5 recommendations)

On your way through Puerto Vallarta, you will find a large number of taquerías. We recommend five tacos that you should not miss trying during...
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Travel Insurance Guide in COVID-19 times

What Does Travel Insurance Cover? Travel Insurance covers if you contract an unexpected illness, including Covid-19. Benefits should include Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption, Medical Insurance,...
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Four destinations in Mexico for ghost tourism

Destinations in Mexico, like Querétaro, Mexico City, Merida, and Guadalajara, among other entities, offer typical tourist attractions to enjoy; however, they also involve dozens of...
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How to live in Mexico; The sounds of Mexico that we hate to love

If you haven’t noticed the noise in Mexico, you are probably living under a rock. Although, I don’t even think that would help! Mexico is...
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Four holistic destinations in Mexico famous for claims of UFO sightings

Traveling is regularly a pleasant, different, and even adventurous experience. There are even tourist destinations that are considered mystical, places where it is said that...
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Today, July 24, is World Tequila Day

Tequila Day is celebrated on July 24 to commemorate the day that Unesco declared the old industrial facilities and the agave plant landscapes in the...
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As a young bride, she couldn’t wear her dream wedding dress because of her race, 70 years later she did

Martha Trucker always dreamed of wearing a classic white dress on her wedding day. But when she was getting married in 1952, she was prevented...
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Mexican wolf breeding program gets boost from zoo

Five gray wolf pups born at Mexico City’s Chapultepec Zoo are giving a boost to efforts to broaden the endangered species’ genetic diversity amid continuing...
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