Mexico becomes part of the United Nations Security Council

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( SRE ), Marcelo Ebrard , announced this Wednesday that Mexico is one of the countries selected to form part of the United Nations Security Council.

Through his official Twitter account, the Mexican foreign minister published that: “I have the honor to report that Mexico has been elected by 187 votes to be a member of the Security Council of the United Nations Organization. Great recognition of our country from around the world. Congratulations!!!!”.

For a nation to be selected, it requires two-thirds of the votes. That is, between 125 and 129, depending on the number of countries that participate out of the 193 that are accredited to the United Nations. The period of the countries that are selected will begin on January 1, 2021.

The vote was held this Wednesday, June 17 at 08:00 am. The representatives of each of the nations cast their votes individually, for which staggered schedules were established.

Juan Ramón de la Fuente, the country’s ambassador to the UN, was responsible for casting the Mexican vote. The above is in order to respect the security measures for the COVID-19 pandemic, since it is not possible to hold the 74th session of the Assembly in person.

On its own, the SRE opened a thread on Twitter and stated that “The United Nations Security Council ( UNSC ) is one of the six main organs of the UN, charged with guaranteeing international peace and security, recommending the admission of new members to the General Assembly and approve any changes to the United Nations Charter ”.

In the selection of participants there were seven countries and five vacancies. When Mexico is selected, it means that international diplomatic opinion welcomes the work that has been done in security matters, because the Security Council is one of the most important in the UN and is in charge of guaranteeing peace between all nations through policies of cooperation and promotion of human rights to solve international problems.

Mexico has been part of the council five times previously. The first was in 1946, just after the Second World War; the second was from 1980 to 1981, during the presidency of López Portillo; the third in 2001 to 2002, during the period of Vicente Fox’s transition, and the fourth in 2009 to 2010, when Felipe Calderón had instituted the so-called war on drugs.

The Security Council is the most powerful organism of the United Nations and has 15 members, five permanent ( United States, Russia, China, Great Britain, and France ) and ten non-permanent ones selected by the General Assembly for two-year periods.

Now, Mexico will have a greater presence and political weight in international concerns. In addition to this, it will have a seat where cutting-edge security policies will be established, where global demands for peace will be met.

This article was originally published on Mexico News Blog

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