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Mexico City Mayor Proposes $6 PER DAY Minimum Wage

It doesn’t sound like much, but Mexico City’s mayor has raised hackles with a proposal to increase the country’s $5 per-day minimum wage to $6 per day.

Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera says the city will propose raising the 67.29 peso minimum wage to 80 pesos per day. That’s about the price of a hamburger meal at a chain restaurant in Mexico.

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Mancera told local media Monday “it won’t be easy.” Federal officials have expressed fear such a measure will cause inflation.

Mexico’s minimum is comparable to Honduras or Nicaragua, the poorest nations in Central America. However, lower prices make wages go farther in those countries.

Experts say about 6.5 million workers in Mexico currently earn the minimum wage. That’s about 13 per cent of the workforce.