Mexico Ranks as the Happiest Place on Earth

Mexicans answered 79% were happy with their life, the highest number in the world.

Isreal came in at 75%, while the Americans came in at 65% being happy with their life.

The poll also found that Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, and El Salvador ranked ahead of the United States in happiness.

At the bottom of the list was Greece with 37%, Egypt at 11%, and Kenya at 14%.

This report is based on polling the citizens of countries around the world, unlike similar reports that determine individual happiness on the countries economic and social policies, not the overall happiness of the residents.

Pew Research Center is a nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping America and the world. It conducts public opinion polling, demographic research, media content analysis and other empirical social science research.

18 Responses
  1. Benny McC

    Manzanillo mexico happy happy what not to be happy about life is good . Have lived in Scotland and Canada love both Country’s but Mexico is where I’m happiest

    1. VallartaDaily.Com

      Actually, that link clearly states it’s a problem with all polling but they use Pew as an example because they are widely recognized. The basic of the story is if only 10% of the people you contact are willing to answer your survey question, then how can you say that your poll represents the people’s opinion. Perhaps the 90% who did not want to take your survey might have changed the results. I think that is understood by most people. But that isn’t a reliability issue with Pew, it’s a reliability issue with people.

  2. Linda

    Been living in San Felipe full time for almost 5 years. Love it here and dread the once a year trip back across the border.

  3. GG MA

    I love Mexico.I love Mexicans. Mexico is the happiest place…much more real than Disneyland (haha) When Im there,I am in love the whole time.The weather,the food, the art,the spirit and best of all the people. Estoy estudiando español con mucho gusto porque quiero a poder a hablar con todo la genre hermosa alla!!! Viva Mexico!!!

  4. SSunshine

    I live in Mexico. The people here are happy! The fiesta’s, love of life and overall day to day joy is refreshing. I am weary of the media portraying it in a very one dimensional biased sensational light. I feel safer here than in the US. But then again I like being able to walk my village day and night, having strangers smile, help out in times of need and celebrate with families and friend, music and good fresh food.

  5. A) Although I’m perfectly aware that if you got all your impressions of a place from media reports you would not be seeing a true picture, it seems so odd when there is so much in the media about the drug murders and corruption and people in resorts being robbed, etc.
    B) I think the word “happy” and all grammatical variations of it should be stricken from the English language.

  6. This report by Pew Research is done by actually asking people about their happiness. Someone sent us a link saying Pew is wrong because another group did the same study and the Swiss were the happiest. The other group used 30 different measuring standards, such as economy, health, jobs, and education, all things that do not equal personal happiness. We all know very well educated people with great jobs who are miserable. The Pew simply asked people if they were happy, that is the real test, not who has the most money. :)

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