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Mexico students win first place at world RobotChallenge 2016

Students of the National Technology Mexico (TecNM) took first place and the gold medal in world robotics tournament Robotchallenge 2016, held in Vienna, Austria.During the student’s participation, which competed against two thousand robots from 56 countries, students of TecNM also won silver medals and bronze with Mayk and El Chavo robots, timing 8.29 and 12.49 seconds, respectively, in the category of Race humanoids.

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The winners were: Jose Israel Ortiz Hernandez, Cristobal de Jesus Calva Diaz, Eduardo Alfredo Bracho Mora and Christian Emmanuel Vazquez Gallar in the categories of Advanced Follower and Microsumo Line.

Luis Cortes Hernandez, Jonathan Salcedo Cruz, Alexis Hernandez Garcia, Antonio de la Cruz Angel Aquinas and Isaac Juarez Abner Jimenez triumphed in the category Humanoid Race.

The Robotchallenge event is considered one of the most important events in the field of robotics worldwide, with the participation of various public institutions of higher education in the country.

Among the participants are the National Institute of Technology Cuautla, the National Polytechnic Institute and the Technological University of Chihuahua.

Photo (C) Christoph Welkovits