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Mexico’s president wants to track the happiness of the Mexican people instead of the Gross Domestic Product

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reported on Thursday that he is working to develop an index that measures the well-being of the population, an alternative to measuring the Gross Domestic Product ( GDP ), and which, among other parameters, will include the degree of happiness of the Mexican people.

At a press conference, the head of the Federal Executive indicated that he is preparing this new index because in the return to the new normality after the COVID- 19 pandemic, it cannot continue to be measured in the same way that it has been done.

“I am now working on an index to measure well-being, an alternative index to the so-called Gross Domestic Product; I am going to present it, a new parameter, which is going to measure, yes, growth, but also well-being, also degrees of social inequality, and another ingredient in this new parameter, in this new paradigm, the happiness of the people.”

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In the National Palace, the President explained that he is preparing the formula for this new index that will be applied in Mexico, and which he said will be “a different measurement system and perhaps we will also contribute to have other parameters in the world, to be able to know if there really is wellness. “

“Because progress without justice is a setback, it is not just about accumulating wealth, and less if it is about accumulating wealth for just a few people at the top. It is important the distribution of income, the distribution of wealth, that is, well-being, is a contribution”, he said.

He reported that to prepare this new index, mathematicians, economists, sociologists, anthropologists, psychologists specialists will be summoned.