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New measures announced in Jalisco due to coronavirus until January 31

The Jalisco State Health Board announced the new State measures in the face of the COVID-19 coronavirus contagion crisis that will run from Saturday, January 16 to Sunday, January 31.

The governor of Jalisco announced the measures: first, there is no return for face-to-face classes, until further notice; face-to-face work activities that can be performed virtually are suspended, applies to public sector workers; activities that generate large groups of people, such as recreational activities, are closed; public spaces are closed; social and family activity is restricted, although he clarified that the government cannot control what happens in the family home; people over 60 must stay at home and, finally, it was clarified that economic activity will not stop, businesses and commercial activities will be able to operate, with the exception of those that involve group activities.

He said that it is not about “scolding anyone” and requested the cooperation of people to comply with the measures.

The state governor acknowledged that the measures implemented for the end of the year and early January “had limited results. “

He also asked the media and social network users not to spread false news or spread fear among people; “You don’t play with health,” he declared while urging them to speak the truth.

The head of the state Executive reported that the hospital level of Jalisco is 58.1%, placing the Metropolitan Area of ​​Guadalajara as the area with the highest demand. He pointed out that the hospital system “has enormous pressure”, but clarified that “it is not overwhelmed, we have room for maneuver.”

Businesses and services that operate normally:

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Business and services that will not operate:

Businesses with partial restrictions:

At this moment, the State of Jalisco has not offered any exemptions to Puerto Vallarta as has been done with past restrictions. Currently, beginning Saturday, January 16, all bars and clubs must close and restaurants must remain below 50% occupancy and close at 10:00 PM. This is breaking news and any exemptions to Puerto Vallarta will be updated.