Tourists choosing Puerto Vallarta as the safe destination in Mexico

September 3, 2017

Puerto Vallarta has become fashionable and hasn’t experienced the security problems facing other major destinations in the country, said Agustin Alvarez, director of the Tourism Board of Puerto Vallarta.

“The decline of other tourist destinations such as Acapulco, has made ​​people turn to Puerto Vallarta, for security, connectivity and value,” said the director of the agency in an interview with El Universal .

He said that security is not a problem for Puerto Vallarta and stressed that its main market is the US and Canadian tourism, and with the exchange rate depreciation it has become a safe place to vacation and a great value.

He stressed that Puerto Vallarta is the second major beach destination in Mexico, behind Cancun and topping Los Cabos.

He said that besides the beach tourism, local businesses have great potential in Puerto Vallarta, as the segment grew about 200% in the last two years.