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My name is Ian Parker, owner-operator, and sole employee at PVDN. (You can learn more about me personally and PVDN on the About Page) This site is a local and independent website, not supported by a corporation, but supported by subscribers. I am moving the site to mostly subscription-based and by 2023 80% of content will be for subscribers only, this helps ensure a long future for PVDN after nearly a decade of publishing.

Content that will always be free on PVDN is important news that can save lives and property, such as the case of natural disasters and warnings that need to be disseminated for public safety. Local event news will also remain free, and any articles curated from The Associated Press and Reuters News. All other articles will be subject to subscription-only viewing.

PVDN is the only local news site in Puerto Vallarta that delivers news from the perspective of a resident of Puerto Vallarta and Mexico. All other local news sites in English are tourist-centric and don’t cover the important headlines of the day. Tourist and ‘lifestyle’ news have its place in tourist destinations, like Puerto Vallarta, but I focus on information important to those who see our city as more than a tourist destination, we see it as home (whether first or second home).

I wish I could offer all content for free, but sadly after a decade of publication, I have realized that small local media can’t survive without community support, so I ask you to consider supporting PVDN.

Thank you!
Ian Hayden Parker


First, I want to thank you for considering a subscription at PVDN. I have owned and operated this news site for Puerto Vallarta for nearly a decade, and as a one-man show, publishing news nearly every day for many years so that the expat, and locals, can stay informed with the most important headlines and breaking news. Every subscriber is critical for me to continue doing this every day.

Is your email server blocking PVDN emails?

Please, if you don’t read any further, I beg you to read this one portion, it’s the single most important part of this page. After you subscribe, you will receive two emails. One with login details for this site so you can access exclusive content. Another will be a welcome letter with very important information about your account and signing up for the newsletter. Both of these emails will be received within moments of each other. You will almost certainly receive both of these emails within 10 minutes of subscribing, although, I do try to sleep a few hours at night, so it could take longer depending on if you subscribed outside of normal business hours. Either way, if you have not received anything from PVDN within 8-10 hours at the absolute maximum, then there is a problem with your email server accepting emails from PVDN. First, check your SPAM folder, this is the critical step. About 99% of people who say they didn’t receive PVDN emails will find them in the SPAM folder. For the other 1%, your email service is blocking us and it’s critical that you contact me and let me know you never received any emails so we can fix the problem. If I don’t know, I can’t help you :) I want to make sure you get 100% of what you are paying for, so that means I need to hear from you the moment it looks like there is a problem and you haven’t received any login details from me. Please, and thank you! I have a very good deliverability rate on emails, but I don’t want one single person not getting what they paid for, so please, contact me the moment you feel like there is an issue.

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PVDN now offers the option of email or Whatsapp delivery of our newsletter. After your subscription is completed, I will contact you with details and allow you to select your preferred method of delivery. Email will send the complete newsletter to your inbox. WhatsApp will send a link to read the newsletter online. PVDN will NEVER sell, rent, or give, any of your information to a third party, and your contact information will only be used to send you our newsletter, no other purpose.

Canceling your recurring subscription

You are creating a recurring payment when you subscribe to PVDN, but you can cancel anytime.

With PayPal, you must cancel your subscription payments by logging into your PayPal account. PayPal will charge you the subscription fee every year until you cancel or until your credit card is no longer valid.

If you subscribe using the credit card option, I use a company called Stripe to process credit cards. They will send you a renewal notice 7 days before you are billed for another year. That email will provide you a link to cancel the upcoming renewal, or you can ignore the email and allow the subscription to renew in 7 days.

If you cancel your subscription, the PVDN system will instantly remove you from the newsletter and you will no longer have access to exclusive content, so I recommend if you want to cancel, but still want to use the full year of newsletters and exclusive content, you should cancel close to your renewal date to get as much of a full year service as possible.

Refund policy / Credit Card disputes

Because I am offering non-tangible goods and you are given digital access to the content you are subscribing to receive, I am unable to offer refunds because I cannot ask for a return of the product or service you have been given.

By subscribing to PVDN content you agree that the charges made by PVDN and Gotcha Brands (the parent company of will not be disputed with PayPal or your credit card issuer. If at any point you have issues with the digital product you are subscribing to (accessing exclusive content or receiving our newsletter), you agree to contact me directly and give me a reasonable chance to correct any issue you have with accessing content under your subscription.

How is your money spent?

I have owned and operated PVDN for nearly a decade as an independent website operator (meaning I have had no help). During this time, I have published local, national, and international news of interest nearly every day to provide information to the people of Puerto Vallarta, and those who keep our city in their hearts from a distance.

In 2021, I decided to seek donations and sponsorships from local businesses and individuals who wish to support local and independent news organizations, such as PVDN.

Your contribution to PVDN helps with three main functions of local news:

  • Contributions are used to hire LOCAL writers to provide better content. (I have been the only writer for the last decade, I would like to hire some help!)
  • Community funding will, hopefully, allow me at some point to eliminate a portion of ads on the site, or all. I do serve about 60% fewer ads today than I did at the beginning of this news site, much of which was possible because of subscribers.
  • Contributions help pay for operating costs (web server, newsletter delivery, internet, lights, etc.) Without contributions, I would need to work full time in another job to pay personal bills and operational costs for PVDN, meaning I wouldn’t be able to publish daily and wouldn’t be available to publish breaking news that is important at any given time. So thank you subscribers for allowing me to maintain 100% of my focus on PVDN and getting you the news.
Puerto Vallarta News

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