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Parasailing at Los Muertos Beach

The parasailing takes place on the Banderas Bay, as it’s known for its calm seas, which is ideal for such an activity.

You can book parasailing through some local tour companies, but it really isn’t necessary. As you stroll down Los Muertos beach, you will see many independent operators that offer parasailing adventures. All of the providers average around $40 ($500 pesos) per session but be prepared to haggle with these guys. The plus side is that there is no need to reserve a spot. However, if you prefer to plan in advance, we recommend Puerto Vallarta Day Tours, they will help arrange everything for $45.

Before your flight, all operators should give you a safety briefing that covers evacuation and hand signals. So make sure you listen well and follow instructions.

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All sessions typically last around 15 minutes and most involve a circular path out into the bay and back. You float adjacent to the beach for a while, take off, and then land on the sands of Los Muertos Beach.

All companies provide you with a fully equipped five-point harness that holds a parachute. They also should provide you with a life jacket. They recommend that you bring your own swimsuit, towel, and plenty of sunscreen. Another good thing to bring along is a camera. Most operators will allow you to take a camera up so you can share your experience with friends and family.

Puerto Vallarta is the ideal place for new experiences and parasailing is one of the best economic thrills available. Los Muertos beach is easily accessible from many budget hotels within the city. You can decide to walk a few meters at no cost or take the bus at a very low cost; either way, you’re a winner.