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Man wanted in U.S. on child sexual assault charges is detained in Puerto Vallarta

Federal Police detained an American man in Puerto Vallarta who is wanted in the United States for sexual assault against a minor in the State of Florida.

In a statement, the National Security Commission reported that they collaborated with the United States Marshals Service, which requested the support of the Federal Police in Mexico and led to the arrest of a man they only identify as “Earl N”, originally from Louisiana.

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The man was located in the municipality of Puerto Vallarta when law enforcement detected a 73-year-old man who was traveling in a red van and who matched the description of provided by U.S. authorities.

Federal troops arrested Earl “N” and, with strict adherence to his human rights, he was transferred to the National Migration Institute to be handed over to the authorities of the U.S., where he will be processed and face the sexual assault charges in the State of Florida.

Earlier in the week, authorities rescued 40 girls from a human trafficking ring operating in Puerto Vallarta.