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Puerto Vallarta orders more garbage trucks to improve collection

After the recent delivery of 20 new police cars to strengthen the public safety of the municipality, Puerto Vallarta announced that more heavy equipment and new garbage compactor trucks will arrive shortly, to improve the quality of services in the city.

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“More heavy machinery is coming for the maintenance of the colonies of Puerto Vallarta; garbage trucks to continue improving the quality of public services and the quality of life of all who live here; we will continue working for the port we want,” the mayor said.

The mayor of Vallarta said that the purchase of this equipment is with the municipality’s own resources, through a loan authorized by the City Council at the beginning of this administration and which will be duly covered before the end of it.

He said his government works every day to meet the demands and needs of citizens, to bring better services to the colonies, such as security, garbage collection, street lighting, and rehabilitation of roads and public spaces.