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Property Description:

  • Property description: To help you receive organic searches, a description of 350 words or more is optimal. We don’t have a minimum or maximum word limit, but we may reject listings with descriptions that are too short and we feel isn’t enough information to grab the attention of readers (Example: Nice 2 bedroom house in centro for sell; that kind of description will be rejected.) Sell your house in the description!
  • Number of bedrooms and baths
  • Address
  • Colony
  • Price in USD: If you price in Mexican Peso, please make that clear in your description so we list your price properly.
  • Agent email address and phone number
  • Agent website: Or direct link to the Open House property on your website, whichever you prefer.
  • Date and hours of Open House

One Image:

We will only use one image for open houses. Make it the best photo of the property you have to give viewers a good tease. A view of the property from the outside with good curb appeal will make people want to visit the inside! A good outside view of a well-maintained condo property works too. Please make sure the image is at least 800 px wide and landscape, not portrait layout (i.e. the photo is longer than it is tall).

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