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Puerto Vallarta seeks to be certified as a COVID Zero destination

Hoteliers in Puerto Vallarta seek to be certified as a COVID Zero destination to be prepared by the end of the year to receive international tourism by complying with the most demanding hygiene protocols.

In addition, they are preparing a strong promotion strategy to help hotels recover from the cancellation of most reservations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, announced the president of the Association, Álvaro García Arce.

“For a soft opening, that is to be able to open the destiny little by little, we know, this is going to be painful, we know that the recovery will come later or gradually and it may have effects until December. Together, with the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Trust, this promotional campaign is going to give the tourists assertiveness to our destination so that they feel safe.”

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The president of the Puerto Vallarta Hotel Association pointed out that only 5 of the total hotels in this destination are open and with many restrictions, to accommodate those who work in essential activities.

One of the main concerns is that being a global pandemic, they still don’t know how international tourists will return, to what extent and when flights and cruises will return.

García Arce said that there is concern about the construction of new hotels that no longer continue due to the pandemic because the goal of the entire sector is to boost productivity and the economic flow in this destination.