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Puertro Vallarta has best year in tourism since 2007

Tourism in Puerto Vallarta is expected to close 2015 with numbers not seen since 2007, said Ludwig Estrada, regional director of the Ministry of Tourism of the state, in an interview with El Universal.

“2015 has been favorable. We closed 2014 with an average of 65% hotel occupancy and we estimate that we will reach annual 70% occupancy this year, which will leave an economic impact of $13 billion pesos” the official said.

Ludwig Estrada explained that the beach destination, considered one of the crown jewels of national tourism, receives 4 million visitors a year, of which 3 million are international tourists.

The state of Jalisco receives 21 million visitors annually, the capital city of Guadalajara welcomes 15 million tourists a year, “but Puerto Vallarta receives more foreign tourists who have purchasing power than national tourists, this is reflected in the final accounts,” he noted.

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The regional director of tourism in Puerto Vallarta also announced the first flight of the airline TAR (Regional Air Transport) from San Luis Potosi (SLP) to Puerto Vallarta every Thursday and Sunday.

Ludwig Estrada finally said, “Goals will be accompanied by a strong campaign promoting the destination in the aforementioned states, which aims to increase the number of domestic visitors at the end year.”

End of the year tourism opportunities for national travelers include the upcoming Day of the Dead celebrations in Puerto Vallarta, and the extended vacation periods for Christmas and New Years in Puerto Vallarta.