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Puro Gato seeks to create cat sanctuary on Cuale Island

puro gato

The Puro Gato association, which is currently in the process of becoming a civil association in Puerto Vallarta, has officially requested the creation of a cat sanctuary on the Cuale Island behind the cultural center. The request was made to City Council for general affairs.

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As part of the proposal, the organization would facilitate art programs for the cultural center and deal with the excrement of the animals.

According to reports, the excrement of the animals was the biggest concern of mayor Arturo Peña Dávalos.

The proposal has been held until the organization consolidated as a civil association to resume the project.

The city has an interest in finding a solution to the issue as it looks to revitalize the Cuale Island in the coming years. A partnership between the city and Puro Gato could save the city controversy on how they would deal with the cats on the island.

Currently the Puro Gato feeds and cares for the cats on the island, including neutering and adoption programs.

The organization explains that many cats are dumped on the island by owners and in the past it’s suspected that many have been poisoned to control the population.

photo by Puro Gato (Facebook page)