PVDN Starts Crowdfunding to Provide Better Content to Readers

My Story

My name is Christopher LaGrone, founder of Puerto Vallarta Daily News (PVDN), launched on April 5, 2014. A very surprising choice for an adult with dyslexia.

My journey in life brought me to Puerto Vallarta as a poor freelance web designer looking for something more, a place that felt like home, something I struggled to find throughout my life. Until I found Puerto Vallarta and Mexico.

In Puerto Vallarta, I found it difficult to find local news in English, other than those with a heavy touristy slant to the writing. As a news junky living in the largest ex-pat community in Mexico, tens-of-thousands of Americans and Canadians living in Puerto Vallarta either full-time or part-time, real local news that impacts the community was something I craved. I knew that I could not be the only ex-pat living in Puerto Vallarta who was interested in what was happening in our community, not just the tourist promotions offered to us.

My craving for local news forced me to search high and low, online and offline, to learn what was happening below the tourist surface of my new home. As I found the news, I was sure there were thousands of others in our community who would benefit from local news, an important part of keeping communities informed and connected.

Thus, I launched PVDN believing I would blog a couple of times every week about what is happening in local news. Before long, I was blogging several times a day, every day. I have been doing it without any help for the past seven years, but now a change needs to be made!

Time to grow PVDN

PVDN needs to employ a couple of freelance professional journalists to create better content for you, the reader. Being solo for the last seven years has forced me to pump out several news stories and content every day, resulting in less attention to quality, or less than I would like to offer my readers.

As a small local news site, PVDN receives massive amounts of traffic for the small community it represents, but not enough to be profitable. The site offers me a basic life in a small one-bedroom apartment, and enough food to survive, no extra frills. That is perfect for me, but not for growing PVDN and providing better quality content to my readers, so today I am launching a Crowdfunding Mission.

Here are my Crowdfunding goals:

I can hire two freelance professional writers to create better content for PVDN readers if I can find 500 PVDN supporters who can commit to $25.00 USD per year (just over $2.00 a month). What you will receive as a PVDN Supporter is better quality content and securing the future for local news, a vital part to any community.

If I can find 1,000 PVDN supporters who can commit to $25.00 USD per year, I can eliminate all advertising on vallartadaily.com and become 100% community funded. No one hates web banners and advertising more than I do, but the cost involved in running a website with high traffic, and needing my full time and focus, I need to generate an income to continue providing news to our community.

To put this in perspective, I currently have nearly 30,000 email subscribers that receive PVDN every morning in their in-box, if less than 4% commit to being PVDN Sponsors we can meet our goal! Can you be one of the 4% to help me grow PVDN, offer better content, and get rid of those annoying ads?

Just $2.00 USD a month can make a difference in local news!

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