Puerto Vallarta News

Major Cruise Lines Canceling Cruises to Puerto Vallarta

What could be the beginning of fallout and impact on the local economy for Puerto Vallarta after May 1 violence erupted across the state of Jalisco, Royal Caribbean has announced that Jewel of the Seas will cancel a planned stop in Puerto Vallarta on May 12.

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Royal Caribbean says that due to travel warnings issued by the US State Department on May 5 and warnings by the Canadian Government, it has chosen to cancel the May 12 cruise to Puerto Vallarta. Royal Caribbean has not indicated if other cruises scheduled for this year will be impacted.

Following Royal Caribbean’s announcement, Celebrity Infinity has also canceled arrivals to Puerto Vallarta on May 10.

Disney Wonder also informed passengers on their cruise with a scheduled stop to Puerto Vallarta that the agenda had been changed and they would sail past the area. Disney refunded all fees associated with port taxes to passengers on board. Disney made the third cruise line in the last week to cancel stops in the city.

Carnival Cruises however kept their scheduled stop in Puerto Vallarta on May 12 when over 2000 passengers arrived in the city.

The City of Puerto Vallarta and the tourism department have been in contact with airlines, cruises, travel agents, and others in the tourism industry in an attempt to reassure travelers that Puerto Vallarta remains a safe travel destination.

Today the city wrapped up a visit by the North American Travel Journalists Association with dozens of travel writers receiving the royal treatment and a taste of Vallarta. Journalists began arriving in the city between May 1 and May 3.

Arson attacks throughout the state of Jalisco, and briefly in Puerto Vallarta, occurred on May 1, 2015. No violence has been recorded in the last week and the city says tourism is operating at its normal level. The state government removed the ‘Code Red’ warnings for the state 48 hours after the events took place.